The Mind Gym at the Wellness Institute


Workplace Wellness


Create a Culture of Wellness in your Workplace!

Our training sessions are designed to give the tools that you need to discover one's authentic self! The mind is man's most powerful asset. We already have everything you need inside us. We will teach your employees how to access that power! Each of our focus areas offers a library of classes that you can access anytime from anywhere. Our goal is to to give your employees the tools to become whole for a lifetime! Don’t know where to start? Contact us and we’ll get you on the right track!


Custom classes to fit your needs

We meet you where you are! There is no need to take unneeded classes to get to your specific needs. Our professional team of instructors have developed courses within their specific field to address various stages of wellness. This allows you to take only the courses that you need, customizing your journey to becoming whole, one step at a time!

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Why Choose The Wellness Institute?


Learn Anywhere

Online courses allow you to take classes from anywhere at any time.


Learn With Others

Classroom courses are available at our Suwanee, GA training center. This allows you to network with peers and learn face-to-face with an instructor.

1:1 Coaching

Personal solution-focused coaching sessions are available to help you effectively navigate your specific life transitions.